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About Arya Tina Gene®

We are a private limited company located in Iran and having our state of the art manufacturing and R&D centre in Gorgan, a city about 400 km far from Tehran. AryaTinaGene Company (ATG)® was established by senior academic members of the different well known universities of Iran as a powerful scientific hub for its local, regional and international activities.  (ATG)® is recognized for its scientific expertise in all aspects of innovative research and biotechnology.


Specific programs planned for (ATG)® include Biopharmaceuticals, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Enzyme technology, diagnostics kits, materials characterization, and Nanobiomedicine.

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Gene Cloning: We will clone your favorite gene sequence, into our vector or your vector.Vector Construction: ATG researchers can build your gene into various vectors including bacterial, yeast, mammalian, and baculovirus expression goals.

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If the incorporation of new technologies and more efficient methods is a common practice in all fields of science, it has been precisely in the study ...

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